Everyone is unique in having a special vocation. Anybody can lead, therefore we can all achieve greatness. We just have to learn how, it is that simple!”
Ronen Dancziger

Ronen Dancziger

LI Cognitive Behavioral Therapist – מטפל CBT מטפל סיביטי LI

For 15 years Ronen Dancziger served as the CEO and Chief Creative Director of ICS Interactive Communication Solutions, Online Management of Consumer Behaviour company. Ronen specializes in User & Human Experience, Content Strategy and Emotional Design.

Ronen owns an extensive experience of more than 19 years of senior key positions in web development and Edutainment companies: SoftKey Inc – SuperStudio (The Learning Company), CNS, NRT and Edunetics Co. Ronen took key parts in the production of many successful digital products that won international awards.

Ronen’s passion in life is understanding and directing the magic circle of relations between cognition, emotion and behavior.

As a User Experience Expert he assist companies in planning their online presence and getting more engaged customers.

With the same enthusiastic, as a Li CBT therapist – מטפל CBT (מטפל סיביטי) LI, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy LICBT (טיפול קוגניטיבי התנהגותי CBT סיבטי LI) methods and Therapeutic Martial Arts (אמנות לחימה טיפולית), he enjoys helping people with difficulties or personal challenges with getting to a better place in life, fulfill themselves and actualizing their full potential.

For many experts, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the preferred treatment for social anxiety (חרדה חברתית).
Social anxiety (חרדה חברתית או פוביה חברתית)  is excessive or irrational fear being judged or being negatively evaluated by other people in social situations. These social situations can be in a meeting with one person, a group and even a phone call. Such fear can lead to feelings of inadequacy or adjustment, inferiority feelings, increased self-awareness, embarrassment, humiliation, depression, and impaired functioning.